The first series of Pitbull NFT’s — Interview with the Pitbull

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3 min readApr 15, 2021


Why are you releasing Pitbull NFT’s?

Pitbull NFT collectibles are our new trading cards. A while back we got some messages from our Pitbull Stakeholders that they are interested in Pitbull related NFT’s.

Ireckon that happened around 10 days ago and now we announce the Pitbull 1–100 community series, started a Partnership with Tao Friction Finance and PigFinance with their Staking Farms, to give every stakeholders the opportunity to stake $Pitbull as PIT/BNB LP and earn interest. By doing that everyone also has a chance to win some of our NFT’s without the need of paying for them.

But what about the money? They get paid?

This is true, sort of, but they also dedicate their talent fully into our community by creating all kinds of content we need.

Regarding our common goal, the following rules are applied by the Pitbull to any creator who will be releasing Pitbull NFT’s within the community.

Every sold piece will have its revenue split up:

A small percentage goes directly to the creator, to pay for minting fees and the work done

One portion goes to the cause of our community namely marketing and charity

The remaining revenue will be locked as liquidity PIT/BNB LP

LP? Liquidity? Locked? What does this mean?

Because you are talking to a Pitbull I can’t go into the technicalities, but if you want answers to the first 3 questions, have a look here: How does LP work

That wasn’t that hard tbh, can you tell me what this means for me?

The remaining BNB will be split again 50:50, with the first half $Pitbull will be bought directly from PanCakeSwap, this means if you buy a NFT you will help the coin by that.

Now PIT/BNB LP can be made, it requires both coins split 50:50 in value, which then get locked via Unicrypt

The LP get locked to ensure trust in the project.

Okay, i think i got it. Would you tell me what exactly NFT’s are?

Unique and rare, NFT(Non-Fungible Token) is a type of cryptographic token on a blockchain that represents a unique asset. We have created a 1–100 series. Every NFT is a unique one of a kind BEP-721 NFT.

Pitbull NFT’s are collectibles from the community to the community, that can be bought, won, sold and traded.

I see, this way proves that i own it, which makes it valuable. But there is more, what should I expect?

Let’s not wait for them, there is no set time frame until the release of 100–100. These are all one of a kind and the creator wants every single one to be minted at special moment.

NFT 1-100 is already sold. But nothing worry about 2–100 and 3–100 are freshly minted and available at

Most NFT’s in this series will be randomly minted and a link will be posted randomly in one of our social channels.

There will be special NFT’s outside this series to obtain, the first will be available through our Partnerships with PigFinance and FrictionFinance.

Our creative department will create random NFT’s which will be redistributed to most active members, top shillers, best memecreators, great posts, by chance, in events and other special occasions. So make sure to be active in the community.

Good boy, thank you very much, love you Pitbull

Love you too

NFT 2–100: #2
NFT 3–100: #3