Revisiting Shibarmy’s Success: A Seasoned Investor’s Perspective on Future Growth Plans

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2 min readMar 5, 2024


As an experienced investor familiar with Shibarmy’s previous successes, I am excited to see their plans for growth and expansion in this bull market. In this blog post, I will share my perspective as a seasoned investor who has witnessed the power of Shibarmy when it was at its peak. Additionally, I will offer constructive criticism where necessary regarding their proposed future strategies.

In the past, Shibarmy proved to be an excellent investment opportunity due to its strong community engagement, transparency, and security features. Let’s see what they propose:

Positive Points:

1. Social Media Activity Across All Channels:
Restarting social media presence across all channels is crucial for keeping the community informed and engaged. This is already going on and should be kept at all cost.

2. Community Engagement Through Giveaways And Events:
This strategy not only keeps members informed about progress but also expands the value of their project — a critical aspect that contributed to its past growth. I believe that engaging with the community in this way will encourage participation and loyalty!

3. High-Quality Content Creation:
Attracting new members and strengthening existing ones’ loyalty were significant factors behind its previous successes, making this point vital for future growth. High-quality content creation can lead to increased visibility and organic growth through word of mouth, ultimately driving more investors toward Shibarmy.

4. Launching A Merch Store:
This move can lead to increased brand recognition and potential for future collaborations with other projects or companies within the industry, but I wouldn’t give it a high priority at the moment

5. Renouncing The Smart Contract:
By doing so, they demonstrate their commitment to best practices within the cryptocurrency space, fostering trust among investors and potential newcomers. I appreciate this change, it is a great signal.

Critical Points:

While I appreciate Shibarmy’s plans for growth, there is one area that could use improvement — their roadmap or timeline for implementing these strategies. A clear public roadmap would provide more transparency and help manage expectations within the community. It also allows potential investors to gauge when they might see returns on investment (ROI).

Given their proposed growth strategies, I am confident in their ability to capitalize on this bull market. However, creating a public roadmap would enhance transparency further and help manage expectations effectively.

Overall an 8.5/10 Update!