Pitbull Community and Charity Event — Awareness for animal suffering

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4 min readApr 20, 2021


Phase 2 has ended

Phase 3 is currently on a delay, because of the processes involved taking longer than expected, but we will update on this soon


Many people connect closely with a companion animal at some point in their lives — usually a cat or dog — but sometimes it may be another animal, like a rat or guinea pig. Through these interactions we become keenly aware of an animal’s great capacity to feel pain or discomfort, and to experience a full range of emotions — joy, love, fulfillment, terror or fear.

Yet society routinely denies this happens to animals used in research. We hear about “purpose bred” animals, as if they were some special breed of robotic animal, devoid of sensation or emotion, and about the great attention from scientists and government to the care and protection of laboratory animals. This is all designed to make people feel better about the suffering of animals in laboratories. We are made to picture comfortable housing facilities, content, healthy animals, and committees of professionals who make sure that there is little or no suffering. Source

Welcome to Pitbull, the cryptocurrency project that’s making waves by being 100% community driven. While there are countless tokens which seem similar to ours on the surface, we are truly self-governing with no higher powers pulling our strings.

Besides that we are all just humans or in my case a Pitbull and we want to give this project a more important cause.

One of the big whales approached us and offered 50,000,000,000,000 Pitbull to use for a good cause and give back to the community.

Like the dog, our coin got his name from, there are many animals currently out there that need help and we figured this is the best way we can contribute.

By using our reach and engaged community we want to emphasize on the importance to care for others and by that help to raise more donations for animals and especially dogs in danger

Let me introduce you to:

The event will be split into 6 phases, each of which will last for 5 days.

Every phase will have a giveaway part, to have a chance to win you have to follow the instructions.

The first charity donations of 1,000,000,000,000,000 Pitbull will go to

Website Twitter Instagram

Bullies In Need (BIN) is a rescue dedicated to helping dogs that have been labelled “pitbull type” and face euthanasia in Ontario’s shelters.

We will make a 50:50 donations towards monetary needs and


Sponsoring a dog means you are paying a monthly amount to keep the dog fed, healthy and happy. Sponsoring is $25 per month for one dog and $45 for two. If you can’t afford the time, but can afford the money, this is a great way to help. Here are some things that your money can go towards: Shots, spay/neuter, vet care, food, dog bones, soap, crate, and part of obedience training costs.

Event Overview, will be updated in the future

Phase 1

Like our tweet, retweet and comment with #pitbullish #pitnetwork and @ one of your friends

Phase 2

You will be able to vote for the next charity we will donate to, the Poll on reddit will be open until the Phase ends.

2 trillion worth of Pitbull will be donated to the winner and we will include the respective links to both charity donationsites, if you want to contribute on your own even more.

Furthermore you will have to take the following steps to ensure to be part of the giveaway raffle:

  1. Vote the Event poll in the Pitbull Subreddit and leave a comment why you think it is important to give back and share your own donations with us if you want.
  2. Make sure you join our Discord Channel to have an extra chance on a secret give away ;-)

Phase 3

To you will have to follow a new Twitter support account, which is focused on animal awareness, we will cooperate and coordinate with established charity organizations from here and will use the exposure to work to share information and raise awareness while we work on the next charity event. There will also be a special event exclusive NFT to obtain within this phase, don’t miss out on that chance.

Phase 4

To be announced

Phase 5

To be announce

Phase 6

This will be a big charity stream for 5 days the big donation to the stream will be made live. There will be event exclusive NFT’s which we will mint for different donations. We will get in contact with bigger charity organisations in the field to ensure exposure over the border of crypto. We will try to include different events and content to keep everyone entertained and ready to donate to the cause

As you might expect this is just a small glance of what will happen here in the next 30 days.

Let’s go this path together and give something back ❤